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To hold the 32nd Azerbaijan Azarbaijan Cycling Tour on time

The thirty-second Azeri-Bijian Tournament will be held from 16th to 21st of October this year, hosted by three provinces of East Azarbaijan and West and Ardebil. The tournament, which is considered to be the most prestigious bike tour in Iran and the oldest cycling tour in the continent, still has some disadvantages to its quality. One of the good host factors of a bike tour is the availability of flat asphalt roads, a fact that may not be so beneficial to the international tour. The main axis of Tabriz-Urmia is the first day of the tournament, and the racers are expected to take the route in 4 hours. The road to this route is not very interesting, from the entrance to the city of Tabriz to the three ways of the island, which is about 1 hour, From the 3 ways to the entrance to the bridge of the lake, the situation is well-suited, and re-asphalting is currently under way for this axis. It is hoped that by improving the conditions of the cycling tours of Iran (Azerbaijan), we will be

Respone of technical committee of Azerbaijan Cycling tour to ghader mizbani interview with Anaj

Responsible for the technical and executive committee of Iran-Azerbaijan bicycling tour to an interview with Anaj Following the hosts interview, the Olympic returnee of the Tabriz municipality team responded with the information provided by Anjou and criticized the biker in the country for organizing the international biker tour of Iran-Azerbaijan, responsible for the technical and executive committee of this tour. According to Anjou, Rasoul Hashimkandi, responsible for the technical and executive committee of the international bike tour of Iran-Azerbaijan in response to the "host capable" interview with the information center of the Danube, who said with the title "Bicycling Federation, the pioneering federation," say in the technical committee, we do not want to Tabriz became the champion of the Iranian tour - Azerbaijan! "It was published, issued responses and provided to Anjou. The text of this answer is as follows: "The purpose of the various tours in the world is to demonstra

Failure of our country s cyclists to reach the World Championships in Norway

President of the bicycle federation Khosrow Qamari said that he would not send our countrys cyclists to the world championship in Norway, Unfortunately, the Norwegian Embassy refused to issue a visa. Since the last month, when our countrys bikers got their privilege at the World Championships, they handed over their documents to a broker company so that they could take action for bikers, but this did not happen. We had to go through the brokerage company because the Norwegian embassy only recognized this company. Khosro Gomari continued: I even took 45 days before cyclists to apply for a visa, but my visa has not yet been issued. This is what I have to do in the federation elections. The head of the biker federation stated: The National Olympic Committee, and even the head of the Asian federation, have requested that my visa be issued for up to 48 hours, but not yet issued. The broker company told us that the Norwegian Embassy in Iran is under repair and will send us our documents

Seven hidden secrets in cycling

Bicycle riding has a wide range of disciplines. Some cyclists prefer to ride bicycle paths with rough pavements with wide tires. Some also prefer to drive on the road and hills. Some entertain for recreation, and others ride bicycle for professional sport. In any case, we can all benefit from cycling to keep our health healthy. Biking among other transportation means is one of the best activities for improving our health that can guarantee our physical and mental health.     1- Cycling and strengthening of heart muscles:    Bicycle ride has a lot to do with cardiovascular fitness and it is known as a risk factor for heart disease.     2- Cycling for body muscles is beneficial:     Bicycling is one of the best tools for shaping and building muscles. Particularly the lower parts of the body, such as the muscles of the legs, thighs, and the seat and back of the body. Bicycling is also a light and useful sport for those with joint problems, leg damage and abscesses, and avoids heavy ex

For the first time in 2010, UCI became aware of the possibility of a motorbike in bicycle racing

Chris-Foreman bike was among the many bicycle tourists participating in the two-part tour, including the bikes that were surveyed and examined many times during this years TourDefrance. This was due to the high stride of sport to start a new phase in the fight against technological fraud. Immediately after the Sunday round in Lopoeon Woolle, during which the Chris Forum could compensate its main rivals at the last jump-free time of the 50s; testers from the World Cycling Union, the Sports Guiding Organization Bicycling, which was waiting at the end of the line, scanned the forum bike for examination. The movement of the team on the bicycle trunk became a familiar picture in the start-up villages and in the more end-of-pipe lines. For the first time in 2010, UCI became aware of the possibility of the engine, and its testing frequency has now increased. It is believed that these scanners are 100 percent effective. The technological fraud in early 2016 became very serious when the Belgia

It was born on a "bicycle" this year! " happy Birthday!"

The bike was born in a small town in southeastern Germany, and while driving it today is one of the most common things that kids learn, its not that easy in the first days. The first bicycle that was made by the Carl Van Dies baron is nearly ?? Weighs in at a kilometer, while things that are needed for a real bike, the pedal, saddle and brakes, have not yet been added. However, at the time of its invention, the bicycle was the first bike car that moved with human forces and opened its way to nineteenth-century cities. The constructor had made every effort to use this two-wheeler, a replacement vehicle for the horse that was being transported Transmitters and polluters, why? At ???? A volcanic eruption made the whole of Central Europe sky for a long time to be filled with toxic ash and smoke, and the sun was hidden for some time from the sight of the people; as a result, it was snowy in the summer, the ash of a volcano sitting on the ground with snow, all Harmful of the place and the h

Famous places in Tabriz city

Tabriz carpet market You should not lose the Tabriz market. The orders of this market are one of the historical roots of our country. The smell of authenticity and preservation of past art in the chamber of the chamber of this market. Each section of the traditional bazaar of Tabriz has been specially constructed in relation to the business in which it is being built, and it has created "market order", "Sara", "TIMCA", "DALLAN" and "TRACE" Engage both business and people with ease and confidence in business, sales and sales. Mazzarifi waffle is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the historical market of Tabriz. It has a tall ceiling, small and large white and colored windows on the margins and the middle of the roof and the regular rows of chambers.  House of Ali Musu Karbalai Ali Masso is the second mayor of Tabriz city. About Alis life, there is less information than other historical figures. Ali Masoud is one of the most prominent revolutionaries of Iran in a hundred years. A

Ardabil Tourist Attractions

Ardabil city (Ardabil city) is one of the cities of Iran and the capital of Ardebil province in the northwest of the country. This city is also the city center of Ardabil. Ardebil is one of the ancient and historical cities of Iran. The city is located near the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This city has many natural attractions. The city of Ardabil is located 219 kilometers from Tabriz and 591 kilometers from Tehran. The city of Ardabil is located at an altitude of 1500 meters from the sea level and is located between the Talesh and Sabalan mountains located in the Alborz mountain range in the northwest of Irans plateau and has cold winters and temperate summers. The language of the people of Ardabil is an Azerbaijani Turkic language. The religion of most people in this city is Islam (twelve Imams), and Sunni Muslims live in villages such as Amran in Namin. Also, the Christians of the city, who have often been Armenians, have emigrated from the city for decades. Background of

Urumieh Tourism Attractions

Urmia city (center of West Azarbaijan Province) is spread over a 70 km long brim and 30 km wide along the Azeri lake. This plain is covered with Barandoz intestines, Chahahai, Roche Chai and Alzaluchai, which regularly drink it annually. Historical background and its establishment in the Caucasus, Armenia, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia, and fertile lands and favorable climate have given it a special significance. West of Lake Urmia has always been considered by prehistoric nations before other parts of Iran. Many habitats, which nowadays contain hills, confirm this. One of these hills, known as the "Guy Tape", is competing with the oldest ancient hills of Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and the Plateau of Persia. The Zoroastrian traditions that were buried at the birth of Jesus (PBUH) in Bethlehem and buried in Urumia It is said that this city was one of the largest religious and social centers of the distant past, and the commanders and emperors of Rome have been passing through it for access

Sarein Tourist City

Attractions in Sarein City In the distance of 23 km from Ardebil city and on the slopes of Mount Sabalan, there is the recreational and tourism city of Sareen. This lovely city has many mineral springs sprinkling from Mount Sabalan. Sarein means "source" in the Persian dictionary. Mineral springs or mineral waters are usually referred to as water bodies that have been built out of the land, have biological effects and therapeutic properties, and have been approved by scientific and medical associations. Famous springs of this city include Golly buffy, Bash Baghiallar, Sabalan Water Treatment Complex. Sareen and travel to this beautiful city The first striking point is the pristine nature and temperate climate of the tourist city, which has attracted a bit of attraction to the area. Sarein is known as the city of medicine in our dear country. Due to the extraordinary properties of warm mineral waters, such as the removal of skin irritations and dental pain, these springs have been co

Jolfa, the land of waterfalls and churches

The lush green city of Jolfa, with its pristine nature, is one of the most beautiful cities in the East Azarbaijan, with its natural and untouched landscapes, including the rubble mills, attracting a large number of tourists every year. Jolfa is one of the most vital and beautiful cities in the world. East Azarbaijan, one of the most important features of which is the close proximity to the Republic of Azerbaijan and the presence of a lot of agricultural land and also in the vicinity of the Aras River. The mill is a ruin, a beautiful and untouched nature for tourism Minefield of ruins is one of the sights and places of interest and tourism of East Azarbaijan which is located in Jolfa city and 27 km Hadishahr.  In the historical background of this mill that has been used by many people for many years in the region, but now it has no specific use due to the destruction of its major parts over time, and now it is known throughout the country as the rubble mill They know that the height


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